Services for Golden Software products

GeoMEM provides a number of services to help you get the best from your Golden Software products.


These courses will get you "up to speed" with your new application as well as teaching you some handy time- and effort- saving tricks.

At present we offer various training for:

  • Surfer
  • Strater
  • MapViewer
  • Grapher
Please see our training page for details on the options and summary of courses offered.


Customisation / Automation:

Surfer, Grapher and MapViewer provide automation / scripting facilities. These allow automation and custom programming of repetitive processses freeing up technical staff and providing both time and cost savings in your projects.

Automation also allows use of the components of the applications within bespoke sofware applications.

GeoMEM provide programming services for automation and custom development as part of its software development service.


Strater borehole template / system design

We can design and set-up borehole log templates for you in Strater to be available when we deliver Strater to you so you can start producing professional borehole logs immediately. We require about 5 working days notice plus as much detail (or examples) of what you need in your log. Prices depend on number and complexity of the borehole logs.


On-line support

We can provide support and help computer to computer over the internet using TeamViewer. This is the most time and cost effective way to find out how to do something quickly. Full details of this service are on: