• Description


    The DeviCore BBT is the latest core orientation innovation from Devico. The DeviCore BBT represents an integration of the patent pending Brilliant Blue٠ technology and other proprietary Devico technologies. The DeviCore BBT employs the same DeviDip system probe technology which has proven to be an industry leader in reliability for more than 10 years as a part of the DeviDrill, combining electronic core orientation integration with brand new, ergonomic running gear.

    The kit includes two DeviCore BBT probes and a core barrel extension ready to be assembled onto the drilling equipment. Each probe has an inbuilt valve system to ensure that pump-in time is not increased.

    DeviCore BBT comes equipped with the IP67 rated Nomad PDA system and DeviSoft.Mobile software. The operation follows a clear step-by-step procedure, and one probe can be started and downloaded while the other is run down hole.

    DeviCore BBT uses three high-accuracy accelerometers. It measures: Inclination; Orientation; Gravity vector; Temperature and Battery status, and offers quality control on the results.

    Warranty: As you would expect, DeviCoreBBT is covered by the unique, extended Devico Profit Advantage Warranty (PAW) Programme.


    DeviCoreBBT (Brilliant Blue Technology)

    DeviCoreBBT probes use the Devico Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT)™ Bluetooth® high speed wireless system to communicate with a rugged field PDA for instrument control and data download. Data is processed on the latest version of the DeviSoft.Mobile software providing on-screen core orientation immediately.

  • DeviCoreBBT In Use: The Where and How.


    The Where:

    The DeviCoreBBT probes are designed to be used when drilling for core and to obtain the orientation of each section of core as it is recovered. The use of two probes allows continuous core drilling and recovery without delays caused by waiting to orientate the core before the core barrel/probe can be used again (as is the case when using a single core orientation device).

    The DeviCore BBT may be used anywhere core is being recovered and its orientation is needed for analysis of the rock structure.

    The How:

    The DeviCoreBBT system has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible and is ready to operate "out of the box".

    The steps to run dual core orientation are:

    • Switch on PDA - DeviSoft.Mobile is running.
    • Switch on FIRST DeviCoreBBT wireless communication. DeviSoft.Mobile detects probe.
    • Set-up parameters on DeviSoft.Mobile, and start probe.

    The How (continued):

    • Connect FIRST probe to core barrel, lower into hole and drill core.
    • At end of core run, record orientation reading on DeviSoft.Mobile.
    • Connect and initialise SECOND DeviCoreBBT probe.
    • Retrieve core and FIRST probe.
    • Connect SECOND probe to core barrel, lower into hole and drill core (RAPID TURNAROUND = NO DELAYS).
    • Download from FIRST probe and orientate the first rock core - initialise ready for next run.
    • At end of second core run, record orientation reading on DeviSoft.Mobile.
    • Retrieve core and SECOND probe.
    • Connect FIRST probe to core barrel, lower into hole and drill core (RAPID TURNAROUND = NO DELAYS).
    • Download from SECOND probe and orientate the second rock core - initialise ready for next run.
    • At end of third core run, record orientation reading on DeviSoft.Mobile.
    • Retrieve core and FIRST probe.
    • ....and so on.

    During the survey process there is no need to open the probes in the field thus avoiding the possibility of water or dirt ingress and damage.

  • Brilliant Blue Technology™

    DeviCoreBBT and PDA

    BBT comprises a low power consumption, high speed Bluetooth® communication system with visual indication of the state of the tool via a bright blue LED contained in the body of the DeviCoreBBT pressure barrel. The power consuming, wireless device is switched off when not needed and switched on using a simple method. This avoids the need for the wireless system to continuously look for incoming communication - resulting in considerable power savings and much longer battery life.

    Core Orientation: When the arrows on visual "Compass" type display coincide (as you rotate the core barrel with the probe attached) the core is in the same orientation as it was in-situ


  • The Kit - everything in the box.




    The DeviCoreBBT system is supplied in a strong, rugged, transporter box.

    The box contains:

    • Two DeviCoreBBT probes and core barrel extension.
    • Batteries (including a spare set).
    • Field computer - rugged PDA with Bluetooth® communication and DeviSoft.Mobile software installed (see right).
    • Power supply/charger for the PDA unit.
    • Spare sealing O-rings.
    • O-ring grease.
    • Waterproof Quick Start guide.
    • Cables for wired communication.

    DeviSoft.Mobile software


    DeviSoft.Mobile is the result of continuous development, originally based on the requirements of Devico's own surveyors and directional drillers, and now driven by the requirements of, and feedback from, borehole surveyors around the world.
    It is now an easy-to-use field application with the following main features:

    • Touch screen and keypad control with large buttons for operation during surveying.
    • "Online" mode to view data from the DeviCoreBBT in real time.
    • Optional Data Quality Checks on Gravity data so you can have confidence in your raw data.
    • Immediate view of orientation data with on-screen rotational display to allow rapid core orientation at the site.
    • Immediate display of downloaded survey results in both table and graphical form. Any results failing the Quality Checks are highlighted.
    • Easy survey recovery process should the PDA lose power during a survey.


  • Technical data


    Tool type: Accelerometer. For use in core recovery/core orientation.

    Data recorded / generated:

    • Inclination (dip) accuracy: +/- 0.1°
    • Orientation accuracy: +/- 0.5°
    • Toolface accuracy: +/- 0.2°
    • Temperature
    • Gravity vector
    • Magnetic field vector
    • Magnetic dip angle
    • Battery status

    Dimensions / Weight:

    • Weight: 5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs
    • Diameter (outer): -
    • Length: 500 mm / 19.7 in.


    Wireless: Bluetooth®.

    Optional direct connect (cable) serial

    Field device:

    Rugged Mobile Windows handheld unit for survey tool setup, survey start, survey download and result presentation.

    Operational parameters

    • Memory capacity: 1920 readings
    • Operational temp range: -10 to +60 °C
    • Pressure limit: 300 bar/4350 psi
    • Batteries: 2 X 3.6 V Lithium
    • Battery capacity: 450 hours
  • Product brochure


    Full Devico product brochure here (19 Mb pdf) (describes all Devico products and services).


    About Devico

    Complete information about the developer/manufacturer of this survey instrument is available on the Devico web site at www.devico.com


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