• Description


    The DeviShot is the latest electronic multishot (EMS) borehole survey instrument from DEVICO. The DeviShot includes robust, integrated running gear and utilises a low voltage, high speed, wireless communications system (Brilliant Blue Technology™). DeviShot's design is based on 20 years experience of borehole surveying and instrument development and is supplied ready for use straight from the box, letting you get on with the job of obtaining borehole surveys for your clients.

    DeviShot uses high-accuracy magnetometers and accelerometers to provide the best survey results . It provides inclination, azimuth, toolface, temperature, gravity vector, magnetic field vector, magnetic dip angle, and battery status.

    The tool can handle pressures up to 300 bars / 4350 psi. The outer diameter of the integrated pressure barrel of 35mm allows it to be used in almost all boreholes.

    Warranty: As you would expect, DeviShot is covered by the unique, extended Devico Profit Advantage Warranty (PAW) Programme.


    DeviShot and Brilliant Blue Technology

    DeviShot uses the Devico Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT)™ Bluetooth® high speed wireless system to communicate with a rugged field PDA for instrument control and data download. Survey data is processed on the latest version of the DeviSoft Mobile software providing tabular and graphical results with Quality Checks immediately, in the field.

  • DeviShot In Use: The Where and How.


    The Where:

    The DeviShot instrument is designed to survey in open holes (or holes cased with non-magnetic material) using either wireline (through the bit) or attached to the end of a drillstring.

    The DeviShot is a magnetic tool so should be used in an environment that is not affected to any great extent by natural or artificial magnetic anomalies (for example: large magnetite bands or iron formations, or steel in reinforced concrete).

    It may be used in the following operations:

    • Mineral exploration drilling.
    • Drilling in mines (surface or underground).
    • Quarry drilling (including blast holes)**.
    • Grout curtains**.
    • Near vertical ground source drill holes.
    • Tunneling, guide holes.
    • Geotechnical investigation holes.
    • ...Anywhere you need to know an accurate location/path for your dillhole.

    ** You can run multiple surveys in one session on DeviShot, then download and display them in one go after all the holes have been surveyed.

    The How:

    The DeviShot system has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible and is ready to operate "out of the box".

    The steps to run a survey are:

    • Switch on PDA - DeviSoft.Mobile is running.
    • Switch on tool wireless communication. DeviSoft.Mobile detects tool.
    • Set-up survey parameters on DeviSoft.Mobile, and start tool.
    • Connect tool to running system and lower into hole.
    • Take survey readings on DeviSoft.Mobile.
    • At end of survey, retrieve tool.
    • Switch on tool wireless, download survey and view results.

    During the survey process there is no need to open the instrument in the field thus avoiding the possibility of water or dirt ingress and damage.
    Data transfer is easy and convenient, needing no cables or line-of-sight communications.

    A long battery life helps to avoid battery changes and new batteries can be fitted quickly when required.

  • Brilliant Blue Technology™

    DeviShot and PDA

    BBT comprises a low power consumption, high speed Bluetooth® communication system with visual indication of the state of the tool via a bright blue LED contained in the body of the brass pressure barrel. The power consuming, wireless device is switched off when not needed and switched on using a simple method. This avoids the need for the wireless system to continuously look for incoming communication - resulting in considerable power savings and much longer battery life.

    When operating the wireless system uses high speed communication (115000 bps) to download data. The usual speed in competing tools is 9600 bps: DeviShot is over 10 times faster in data transfer.

    The blue LED indicates: The status of wireless communication. This is a unique feature for a borehole survey instrument. It is visible as part of the pressure barrel, no need to unscrew end caps or guess if the tool is working correctly - these conditions are immediately visible from the outside of the tool. The LED may also serve to indicate to operators that they are handling a precision instrument, not a length of drill rod!


  • The Kit - everything in the box.




    The DeviShot system is supplied in a strong, rugged, transporter box.

    The box contains:

    • The DeviShot tool and integrated brass running gear with shock absorber bottom sub.
    • Batteries (including a spare set).
    • Field computer - rugged PDA with Bluetooth® communication and DeviSoft.Mobile software installed (see right).
    • Power supply/charger for the PDA unit.
    • Spare sealing O-rings.
    • O-ring grease.
    • Waterproof Quick Start guide.
    • Cables for wired communication.
    • 24mm wrench to open tool for wired communication.

    DeviSoft.Mobile software


    DeviSoft.Mobile is the result of continuous development, originally based on the requirements of Devico's own surveyors and directional drillers, and now driven by the requirements of, and feedback from, borehole surveyors around the world.
    It is now an easy-to-use field application with the following main features:

    • Touch screen and keypad control with large buttons for operation during surveying.
    • "Online" mode to view data from the DeviShot in real time.
    • Optional Data Quality Checks on both Gravity and Magnetic data so you can be confident in your raw data.
    • You can define Magnetic Quality Check settings to suit your location.
    • Magnetic declination (variation) can be used on a survey by survey basis.
    • Immediate display of downloaded survey results in both table and graphical form. Any results failing the Quality Checks is highlighted.
    • Easy survey recovery process should the PDA lose power during a survey.

    More details on DeviSoft.Mobile here.


  • Technical data


    Tool type: MAGNETIC. For use in mostly non-magnetic environments. For magnetic environments see DeviFlex.

    Data recorded / generated:

    • Inclination (dip).  Accuracy: +/- 0.1°
    • Azimuth (direction). Accuracy: +/- 0.5°
    • Toolface. Accuracy: +/- 0.2°
    • Temperature
    • Gravity vector
    • Magnetic field vector
    • Magnetic dip angle
    • Battery status

    Dimensions / Weight:

    • Weight: 5.6 kg / 12.6 lbs
    • Diameter (outer): 35 mm / 1.38 in or 30 mm / 1.18 in
    • Length: 1170 mm / 46.1 in.


    Wireless: High speed Bluetooth® at 115000 bps.

    Optional direct connect (cable) serial

    Field device:

    Rugged Mobile Windows handheld unit for survey tool setup, survey start, survey download and result presentation.

    Operational parameters

    • Memory capacity: 5000 records (13.9 hours at 10 sec. interval)
    • Operational temp range: -10 to +60 °C
    • Pressure limit: 300 bar/4350 psi
    • Batteries: 2 X 3.6 V Lithium
    • Battery capacity: 1200 hours
  • Product brochure


    Full Devico product brochure here (19 Mb pdf) (describes all Devico products and services).


    About Devico

    Complete information about the developer/manufacturer of this survey instrument is available on the Devico web site at www.devico.com


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