Remote Training & Support

Remote Training and Support services - immediate and efficient

  • Remote Training and Support


    Remote computer to computer training and support


    By connecting to your computer using the very secure and safe TeamViewer system we can provide immediate remote one-to-one training and/or support sessions.

    The link-up can be achieved in less than 5 minutes and involves no complex setting-up or changes to your computer.

    Charges are based on time used after a minimum set-up and coverage charge.


  • Remote Training


    Remote training is the most efficient and cost effective way to learn about your new software or gain in-depth experience of less used or complex features.

    • One to one or one to two training and instruction on software applications
    • Session times and duration to suit you and your working schedule
    • Very quick to set-up and get started
    • Saves time and costs involved compared to training on your premises or at GeoMEM
    • Perfect for your “Can you show me how to do …. ?” questions

    Remote Support


    Remote support provides immediate and efficient support for your software problem. The two way communication allows GeoMEM staff to investigate and locate the problem in a fraction of the time (and cost) of conventional problem description, reporting and investigation methods.

    • Remotely install and set-up your original or upgrade software for you
    • Watch you operating the software on your computer to show or duplicate the problem
    • Remotely operate your software to find where your problem is and thus help with diagnosis and troubleshooting
    • Transfer any required data files to GeoMEMs’ computers for analysis, testing and correction. Transfer corrected files back onto your computer for you to use immediately
  • Getting Started


    Procedure to obtain support:

    1. Phone GeoMEM on (+44)01382 329 011 or email to discuss your training or support requirements and arrange a mutually suitable day and time for the on-line session.
      Also arrang ethe communication method for the session (phone, Skype or TeamViewer messaging).
    2. Download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application using the button on the right. You will be asked if you want to save it:
      Save TeamViewer QuickSupport App
      Save to your Desktop (or other location) for quick access when needed.


    Getting Connected - next page right ==>

  • Getting Connected


    At the scheduled time for the remote session:

    1. Start your TeamViewerQS(GeoMEM) application. It will take a few moments before it shows a Window similar to that on the right.
    2. Contact GeoMEM by phone (+44)01382 329 011). Provide the ID and the FOUR DIGIT Password to GeoMEM. Do NOT close the Window.
    3. Provide your Credit or Debit card details for the session. Both GeoMEM and you agree and record the Start time for the session.
    4. GeoMEM will log-in and access your computer via the secure TeamViewer system and your remote session can start.
    5. Further communication will be by the method agreed previously (phone, Skype or TeamViewer messaging).

    During the session both you and the GeoMEM technician can control and access your computer. In addition the following may be done:

    • Typed messages passed via the TeamViewer messaging system
    • Files transferred from/to your computer
    • Control "swapped" so you can view and operate the GeoMEM computer
    NOTE: Either part can end the session at any time.



    Save TeamViewer QuickSupport App
  • End Session


    The session can be terminated at any time by either party. At this point the End time will be agreed and recorded by both parties. GeoMEM will calculate and advise the session charge and take payment from the card provided at the start of the session.

    If further work is required by GeoMEM staff after the session (for example, in providing support) you will be advised of the likely cost either at the end of the session or by email shortly after and BEFORE any further work is carried out. You can then decide if you wish GeoMEM to proceed with the work.


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    If you consider that TeamViewer would be useful to your organisation then you may wish to take advantage of our DISCOUNT VOUCHER to obtain a discount when purchasing a full commercial system.

    Further details on our TeamViewer information pages: (click on logo)

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Standard prices Ex. VAT Inc. VAT  
REMOTE: Minimum charge (up to 30 minutes) £35.00 £42.00  
REMOTE: 5 minute block (or part) after intial 30min £5.00 £6.00  
Educational / Academic prices Ex. VAT Inc. VAT  
REMOTE: Minimum charge (up to 30 minutes) £35.00 £42.00  
REMOTE: 5 minute block (or part) after intial 30min £5.00 £6.00