• Description

    The PeeWee is a miniature electronic multishot borehole survey instrument which is based on the same reliable technology as the DeviTool™ Combo. It comes with integrated running gear and is ready to go as supplied, regardless of whether you want to survey open or cased boreholes, grout curtains, blast holes or other requirements.

    The PeeWee uses three high-accuracy magnetometers and accelerometers. It records inclination, azimuth, toolface, temperature, gravity vector, magnetic field vector, magnetic dip angle, and battery status. Time intervals can be set from 5 seconds and up.

    The tool can handle pressures up to 450 bars. It is small enough (diameter 30 mm) to survey throughout the DeviDrill™ bit. This means your core barrel can stay down in the hole while the survey is performed.

    The PeeWee communicates with a PDA through a USB modem and the results can be viewed in the DeviSoft Mobile software on the PDA in the field once the data is downloaded from the tool. The results can thereafter be transfered to a USB-memory stick and given to the client, or further processed in DeviSoft™ where the results can be analysed and plotted.

    Devico, the developer and manufacturer claim that the PeeWee is a tool "that can withstand the highest pressures and the most reckless operator."

    Warranty: The Devico PeeWee is covered by the unique, extended Devico Profit Advantage Warranty (PAW) Programme.


    About Devico

    Complete information about the developer/manufacturer of this survey instrument is available on the Devico web site at www.devico.com

  • The Kit

    DeviTool PeeWee Tool Kit

    The PeeWee survey kit showing: the container box and all parts; The PeeWee tool and the rugged field computer.


  • Technical data


    Tool type: MAGNETIC. For use in mostly non-magnetic environments. For magnetic environments see DeviFlex.

    Data recorded / generated:

    • Inclination (dip).  Accuracy: +/- 0.1°
    • Azimuth (direction). Accuracy: +/- 0.5°
    • Toolface. Accuracy: +/- 0.2°
    • Temperature
    • Gravity vector
    • Magnetic field vector
    • Magnetic dip angle
    • Battery status

    Dimensions / Weight:

    • Weight: 5.2 kg / 11.5 lbs
    • Diameter (outer): 30 mm / 1.18 in.
    • Length: 1400 mm / 55.12 in.


    Direct connect (cable) serial communications for speed, reliability and convenience.

    Field device:

    Rugged Mobile Windows handheld unit for survey tool setup, survey start, survey download and result presentation.

    Operational parameters

    • Memory capacity: 1984 records (5.5 hours at 10 sec. interval)
    • Operational temp range: -10 to +60 °C
    • Pressure limit: 450 bar/6525 psi
    • Batteries: 2 X 3.6 V Lithium
    • Battery capacity**: 400 hours

    ** At 5 second reading interval

  • Product brochure


    Full Devico product brochure here (19 Mb pdf) (describes all Devico products and services).


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