Strater 5

Golden Softwares' powerful, innovative and low cost well log and borehole plotting program for Geoscientists

  • Strater - Borehole Log Plotting Application


    Strater (pronounced as in Strata!) is Golden Software's borehole log application to produce printed borehole logs from user input data.

    As far as we are aware it is currently the lowest cost, commercial borehole logging package available.

    It allows quick production of report quality borehole logs for those who would rather avoid the cost and complexity of the complete borehole data management packages.

    In common with most borehole logging packages Strater uses Templates to allow you to define the exact appearance of your log. This includes: Header and Footer areas and the main log area which can contain a wide variety of display column types. Column types include: Descriptive text; Lithology log; Diagrammatic logs (instrumentation, construction); photographs; graphs; traces (e.g. geophysics); and symbol (dip/direction, concentration) plots.

    The borehole data can be input directly into the Strater database system, or imported from external spreadsheets and databases, including Excel, Access and LAS formats.

    If you want to try Strater - you can request a demo download from here.
    Strater borehole log template design and related services here.

    Strater 4 mini

    Example screenshot showing the borehole object list, object properties and borehole log panels.

    Strater screen example
  • Designing a borehole log


    The borehole log design is based on a Template which contains all the Header, Footer and Body items. Many examples are supplied and new Templates can be created either by copying and changing an existing one or by creating a new one from scratch.

    Header and Footer: These can contain: Text and other data related to the borehole (Location, Driller, Date); Graphics (Company Logo and/or location map); Titles and scales for the display columns in Body section. All text font attributes are under your control.

    The Body contains all the data display columns: Depth scale; Lithology; Descriptive text; Well construction logs; Photographs; Line and symbol plots amongst others. All are created and placed onto the Body area by dragging and dropping from the column types selector. The columns are customised through their object manager (properties) pane. Some examples of columns are shown on the right.

    The Data that you place in the Header, Footer and Body are taken from tables in the internal database which, in turn, can be input directly or imported from external data sources, such as spreadsheets and other databases.

    Strater screen example

    Examples of columns: Lithology log; Descriptive (text) log; Photograph in log; and Well construction diagram .

  • Import and Export formats supported by Strater


    Import formats include:

    • GIS: E00 (ARC/INFO); SHP (ArcView/ESRI shapefile); MIF (MapInfo); DLG (US GeoData Digital Line Graphs)
    • Raster/vector graphics: CLP; WMF; EMF; DDF; TIF; BMP; TGA; PCX; WPG; DCX; EPS; JPG; PCT; PNG; and GIF
    • Golden Software file types: GSI; GSB; BNA; PLT; and BLN
    • CAD/AutoCAD: DXF

    Source data formats include:

    • Databases: MDB (MS Access); DBF (dBase); DB (generic); LAS (Log ASCII Standard); ODBC; OLE DB; other SQL data sources
    • Spreadsheets: XLS (MS Excel); SLK (MS-SYLK); WKS (MS Works)

    Export formats include:

    • GIS: SHP (ArcView/ESRI shapefile); MIF (MapInfo)
    • Raster/vector graphics: CGM, WMF, EMF, CLP, TIF, BMP, TGA, PCX, WPG, PNG, JPG, PCT, DCX, and GIF
    • CAD/AutoCAD: DXF
    • Golden Software file types: GSI; GSB; BNA and BLN
    • Text/data: DAT
    • Doument/print: PDF and EPS

    Get your evaluation copy:


    You can download a demo version from here.
    This is a fully working version with example log files. You can make changes and do all program actions apart from saving any changes or printing the logs. That is: all output is switched off.



    Strater System Requirements

    • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating system
    • 800 X 600 or higher monitor resolution with 16-bit (or higher) colour depth
    • At least 100 MB of additional free hard disk space
    • At least 64 MB RAM above the Windows requirement for simple data sets
  • Version 2 features summary


    Golden have added many new features and improved the existing application based on user requests for the original Strater 1. These are summarised below. Full deatils are availble from Goldens web site and in the brochure (links below).

    Features added in STRATER 2


    • Data tables now have improved functionality
    • Multiple boreholes in the borehole view
    • Legends can now be produced for schemes
    • Objects can be added to the log pane by drawing, importing, or copying and pasting
    • Opacity level can be adjusted for fill, line, symbol, and text properties
    • Line log enhancements: allows discontinuous lines, cutoff fill, and text labels
    • Numeric label formatting options have been added
    • Text labels on percentage logs
    • File | Reload All data table command
    • New fill patterns, sample files, and sample scheme files


    Enhanced features in STRATER 2


    • Scaling options: relative, user-defined, and from a collars table
    • Templates: store data tables and schemes from the original project
    • New import capabilities: XLSX and ACCDB in data files, ECW and SID in the borehole view
    • Export options: PDF (vector) and AutoCAD DXF 2004
    • Functionality: user interface, customisation, zoom, shortcut commands, and more
    • Complex text log display options: rotate text, repeat text at page breaks, and independent bracket and separator line styles
    • Print Multiple Logs command updates the scale for each log
    • Tick labels repeated when straddling page breaks in logs
    • Many more enhancements throughout Strater 2


    Further information on Strater:

    Buy your upgrades and full copies from GeoMEM for: Full product pack (CD, manual); Help with template production; 30 day invoicing; knowledgable local (UK) support.


  • Version 3 features


    With the release of Version 3, Golden Software, have added some major new features (Cross Sections, Maps and True Vertical Depth amongst others).

    Click here for details of the main NEW and ENHANCED features in Strater 3.


    Buy your upgrades and full copies from GeoMEM for: Full product pack (CD, manual); Help with template production; 30 day invoicing; knowledgable local (UK) support.



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Single licence £363.00 £435.60  
UPGRADE from any previous version £121.00 £145.20  
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Single licence £344.85 £413.82  
UPGRADE from any previous version £114.95 £137.94