Mapping Skills

Mapping Skills using MapViewer

Information about MapViewer is available here

The course covers:

  • Introduction to MapViewer: The menus, "toolkit" and components.
  • Mapping basics and Working with maps: Introduction to map objects, importing map data and working with map objects and their properties. Selecting and editing objects, drawing objects and placing text. Importing map objects from external files.
  • Using layers: Working with layers and map objects for versatile map presentation. Moving objects between layers, layer visibility, effect of layer position.
  • Worksheets, Data sources and Thematic map types: Creating a worksheet, displaying the data on a thematic map. Using Hatch, Density, Pie, Bar, Prism and Pin maps with data from Excel and Access. Exporting maps for use in other applications (Word).
  • Raster Maps and Digitising: Importing and aligning raster maps as base maps. On-screen digitising from raster and other maps.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the basic mapping concepts used in MapViewer (and other mapping packages).
  • Know how to manipulate/edit maps and map objects.
  • Know how to create the range of thematic maps allowed by MapViewer.
  • Know how to produce a variety of printed maps both directly from MapViewer and via external software.


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