Surfer Advanced Course

1 day advanced course on Surfer.

The Surfer Advanced course can follow on from the standard course or be taken independently.

Information about Surfer is available here

The course covers:

  • Scripts and Script Language: About the SAX BASIC script language used in Surfer.
  • Essential programming concepts: Object orientation; Objects; Properties; Methods; Inheritance and Collections.
  • Simple programs / scripts: Introduce you to writing short programs and some of the basics of programming.
  • Programming Surfer: How to start Surfer using scripts; Creating a contour map; Overlaying maps; Printing and saving maps; Changing map properties.
  • BASIC language syntax and control structures: Introduction to the BASIC language syntax, commands and control structures.

At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Know how to write and maintain script programs to automate many functions in the Surfer program.
  • Have the basis upon which to build your knowledge and skills to produce sophisticated Surfer scripting programs.
  • Have skills that you can use for programming other applications (such as Excel).


  1. A reasonable working knowledge of Surfer.
  2. Some knowledge of Macro programming (for example in Excel) is useful but not essential.

Surfer Combined course

The Introductory and Advanced courses can be combined to form a convenient two day course. Alternatively, you can replace both days with your own tailored course (see Customised courses below).

Customised courses

To get the most from a course it is often best to use data that you are working with. If we don't already have similar data or courses we can tailor courses to use your own data.

To provide a customised course we require at least four weeks advance notice,with the supply of relevant details and data to us at that time. There is an extra charge for preparation time (which may entail work of between half a day and three days). The preparation time depends on the complexity of data provided. GeoMEM are happy to provide a quotation after seeing the data and before proceeding with course development.


For pricing information please contact GeoMEM