Strater version 2 released

Posted on Tuesday, 17th August 2010

Version 2 of Strater, Golden Softwares borehole log software, was released on 17th August.

It includes many new features and improvments that have been requested by users over the past few years.

Further details are available on our Strater product page.

Users of version 1 can upgrade to version 2 via our on-line shop. Please have the serial number of your Strater 1 available when making an order. If you wish to order 2 or more upgrades please contact GeoMEM direct.

The price for Strater 2 remains the same as for Strater 1 from Golden Software. In fact, GeoMEM have managed to provide a price reduction with this new release (as well as with all other Golden Software products).

Remember that GeoMEM also provides a borehole log template design service for Strater, customised to your exact requirements. Please phone to discuss your requirements: +44 (0)1828 650618

If you have any questions about Strater 2 please contact GeoMEM.

Geotechnica 2010

Posted on Monday, 21st June 2010

GeoMEM are exhibiting at this year’s key UK Geotechnical exhibition with its new partners Devico and DAT instruments. 


We will be demonstrating our range of software for profiling/blast planning (from TLC), CPT test and analysis (from GeoSoft); borehole logging and mapping (from Golden software, GAEA).

We will also be showcasing instrumentation from  DEVICO and DAT instruments on the stand. Representatives of both companies will be present on both days to answer your queries.
Entrance to the exhibition is free and it is sure to be well attended.
You can register on-line here (Geotechnica website)
If you are interested in a particular application or product of ours and would like to arrange a demonstration slot please phone me on 01828 650618 (or ).
UPDATE (25 June): We are now at stand area B1 and B2   (moved from B4).

Geotechnica information:

Exhibition website:

The Drilling Academy, Upton Estate Showground, nr. Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX15 6HU

7th - 8th July 2010. Exhibition open 9:00 to 17:00 both days.


GeoMEM agents for DAT instruments

Posted on Monday, 14th June 2010

DAT instruments develop and manufacture devices used by the mining, drilling and construction industries to acquire drill data and automate drilling processes; including jet grouting, CFA injections and vibroflotation. The instruments measure and record all the key operational data which can then be uploaded to a PC for review and assessment.

The agreement with DAT Instruments adds an important component to our product portfolio. Having recently signed a similar deal to supply borehole survey tools we are now able to offer our customers a more complete solution for their borehole drilling, surveying and data logging requirements.

Dat instruments products consist of a range of electronic units (dataloggers) for data acquisition and automated control of grouting and similar operations. These work in conjunction with a range of sensors and mechanical control units which are also designed and manufactured by DAT instruments. This ensures complete "start to finish" quality control for the systems.

Powerful analysis, presentation and data export software is provided in both the datalogger and for use on a PC.

Combinations of the dataloggers and sensors allow use in the following areas:

  • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) - measurement and recording
  • Computerised weighting system - automate grout mixing process
  • Diaphragm walls - measurement and recording
  • Drilling parameters - measurement, recording and automation
  • Grouting - measurement, recording and automation
  • Jet grouting - measurement, recording and automation
  • Lugeon tests
  • Soil Mixing - measurement and recording
  • Vibroflotation - measurement and recording

Further product and operational information is available under the DAT instruments category.


GeoMEM logo  and  DAT instruments logo

GeoMEM and DAT instruments: For Drill data acquisition and process automation.

GeoMEM now DEVICO agents

Posted on Tuesday, 1st June 2010

We are pleased to announce that GeoMEM has been appointed as the UK and Ireland representative for Devico’s Borehole survey tools.

Devico is an established market leader in the development of directional core drilling techniques and magnetic and non magnetic borehole survey tools used by the mining, exploration, tunnelling and petroleum industries. These will now be available to buy in the UK and Ireland from GeoMEM, who will also provide first line support for the products.

The addition of Devico survey instruments to our product range extends our caabilities as a solution provider for the drilling, mining, quarrying, geotechnical and construction industries in the UK and Ireland.

The Devico products that we supply include:

  • Devico Peewee: Slimline magnetic borehole survey instrument
  • DeviFlex: Non magnetic survey instrument (run inside casing/drill string)
  • DeviCore: Core orientation tool.
  • DeviDip: Small and simple electronic Dip measurement tool.
  • DeviSoft software: PC software for all the above tools (no re-learning software for each tool!)

Our press release is available here.

Full product information is available under the Devico category

GeoMEM logo  and  Devico logo

GeoMEM and Devico: providing your borehole survey solutions.

Applecore is Back!

Posted on Wednesday, 24th March 2010

Applecore 10.1 has been released by developer Dr. Mike Ranger and works with the latest versions of the Mac OS and the latest Apple chip sets.

Applecore is the industry standard for borehole logging on the Apple Macintosh(tm) and is in use worldwide in the petroleum, mining and exploration sectors of the industry.

For more information please contact us.

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