Goldens Valentines Day Double!

Posted on Tuesday, 14th February 2012

Golden Software announced two update releases today:

  • Strater (now version 3) - their low cost, versatile, borehole logging software. The price for both FULL and UPGRADE versions remains the same.
  • Voxler (now version 3) - their powerful 3D visualisation application. There has been a small price increase for this release on both FULL and UPGRADE versions.

Further information will be provided on the new features in the upgrades as these become available.

Click here to see the new features in Strater 3

Click here to see the new features in Voxler 3


Make use of our special offer!

Why not take advantage of GeoMEMs 25th anniversary 5% discount offer to buy your new Straters and Voxlers? **

We are also extending the 5% discount to the Voxler and Strater Upgrades until 14th March 2012 so this would be a good time to upgrade.

** GeoMEMs 25th Anniversary of distributing Golden Software products - valid until 29th February 2012 **

Closure of on-line shop

Posted on Wednesday, 16th November 2011

After considerable deliberation we have taken the decision to close the GeoMEM online shop for the following reasons:

  • The majority of our customers (from both Industry and Academia/Research) are purchasing via email and phonecalls - in particular, because they can get specific quotations for a range of products.
  • The time involved in running two pricing systems in parallel was becoming prohibitive - especially with the rapidly fluctuating exchange rates of recent times.

The closure of the online shop does not affect our product sales - pricing, information, quotations, orders and support are still made via the traditional and more personal methods of telephone - 01382 329 011 or 0845 6446 284 (LoCall - within the UK only - or email sales direct).

We apologise to those customers who found the online shop a convenient method of buying from us and hope that you will continue to buy using the traditional methods.


We will continue to monitor the situation and look for alternatives / replacements over the coming months.

James Tweedie, Director, GeoMEM.

Devico - Unique Warranty announced

Posted on Wednesday, 6th July 2011

Devico Profit Advantage Warranty announced

At the Devico Agents Seminar and training sessions held at Devico Head Office at Melhus near Trondheim (Norway) in the week of 26th to 30th June Devico officially announced it's Profit Advantage Warranty Programme - a unique, 2 year extended warranty on all its borehole survey instruments that sets the maximum repair cost on a damaged tool at € 3000.00.

A damaged tool can range from requiring minor repairs (costing a few hundred €) up to almost complete destruction - requiring a completely new tool (costing in the range of €20,000 to €40,000) this is an amazingly good deal for DEVICO instrument buyers.

All DEVICO survey instruments purchased through GeoMEM have the Profit Advantage Warranty Programme so you can survey with confidence.


Further information and examples are available on our Profit Advantage Warranty Programme page.

Graher 9 released

Posted on Friday, 17th June 2011

Grapher 9 released

Version 9 of Golden Softwares popular and powerful graphing software application has been released.

Prices remain the same as for previous versions and upgrades can be made from any previous version of Grapher to version 9 at a single price.

Grapher 9 is available from our online shop here.

New features in Grapher 9

  • Grapher goes international with full Unicode support:
    Grapher now supports international fonts and characters allowing use of any language, such as Chinese, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, or Arabic. All aspects of your Grapher plot support international characters. For example, you can set your drawn text, plot labels, axes labels, graph titles, and more to any language. Customise your graphs with language that your audience will understand.
  • 64-bit Installation:
    Work with large data sets and images without the worry of running out of memory.
  • Ability to move any label:
    You can now quickly and easily remove overlapping labels. Now you can click and drag axis labels, axis titles, or graph titles to new locations using the Move Labels command. Simply click on the object, select the command, and drag labels to anywhere you need.
  • "Ultimate" data compatibility:
    Import and export in all popular formats. New import formats include Access® 2007 ACCDB file format. In addition, you can import your database information from tables or from queries.
  • Bar Chart Clipping:
    Line/scatter plots and bar charts can be clipped using the options on the Clipping tab. Draw line/scatter or bar charts to the clipping value or remove values outside the plot range.
  • Fit-Curves and Confidence Plot Clipping:
    Fit-curves and confidence intervals can be clipped using options on the Clipping tab.
  • Label All Plots:
    Grapher 9 adds the ability to display labels for all aspects of your box-whisker plot and to label any portion of any plot. Label floating bar charts with data values or from a worksheet column.
  • Improved Axis Date/Time:
    Format all labels on your date/time axes with date/time labels. Specify different formats for your major and minor tick marks. Set label format, tick mark divisions, and other tick mark and label formats with date/time information for both major and minor tick marks.
  • Enhanced Class Scatter Plot Legend:
    Change the text for each item in the class scatter plot legend to make your graph easier to understand. Include the range of values in the class, the class name or explanatory text, or link text from a worksheet to the legend.
    Change the symbol size displayed in a class scatter plot legend. Create multiple columns and rows to most accurately display your class scatter plot.
  • Improved Axis Worksheet Labels:
    Limit tick marks worksheet labels to specific worksheet rows.
  • Edit Individual Objects in a Combined Object:
    Change all properties of items that are combined without ungrouping the combined object.

Buy your Grapher 9 upgrade now.

GeoDrilling 2011 - stand A13

Posted on Monday, 9th May 2011

GeoMEM at GeoDrilling 2011

GeoMEM (along with Devico and DAT instruments) is at GeoDrilling 2011 on 7th and 8th June (Tuesday and Wednesday).

If you are attending the exhibition and conference you will find us on stand A13 - across the aisle from GeoDrilling International and not far away from the catering area!

We'd be delighted to see you to discuss any aspect of


If you would like to arrange a meeting on either of the days please phone James Tweedie on 01382 329 011 before 3rd June.

You can find out more about the companies and products we represent here:

  • DEVICO - Directional Drilling, Borehole Surveying and Core Orientation servcies and instruments.
  • DAT INSTRUMENTS - Dril Data Loggers and Drill Automation systems (including automatic grout control).


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