Web site on new server

Posted on Wednesday, 24th October 2012

GeoMEMs web site moved to a new server.

Yesterday evening (7pm, 23rd October) the GeoMEM web site was switched to a new host server on our service provider, Poundhost.

The new hosting service offers improved stability, performance and redundancy - all of which mean that the web site is less likely to be unavailable due to technical problems as well as faster and more responsive for viewers.

After 10 days of preparation the switchover went very smoothly with the new site links being effective within minutes of the change.

Information about Poundhost may be viewed here.

Thanks to Andy Gibson for his help in the final stages of the switch over.

Email Newsletter

Posted on Monday, 10th September 2012

GeoMEM will be producing a new Email based Newsletter starting in Autumn this year.

This is intended to keep you up to date with New Products, Software Upgrades, Technical Information and Tips amongst other items.
It is also designed to allow us to let you know of upgrades to your specific software (for example Surfer users)

The normal Newsletter will go out Quarterly so will not overload your inbox (we hate being spammed as much as you do). Product upgrade Newsletters will go out when necessary but should not be more than once or twice a year.

This will only be sent to those who have directly subscribed to it. We will never use bought-in email lists nor our own list of customers email addresses (these are purely for transactional correspondence). Our Newsletter is purely opt-in for our customers security and benefit.

Find out more and subscribe

Surfer 11 released

Posted on Wednesday, 11th July 2012

Version 11 of Golden Softwares "flagship" Surfer software is released today (11 July 2012).

Prices remain the same as for previous versions and upgrades can be made from any previous version of Surfer to this version.

New features and improvements in Surfer 11 (compared to Surfer 10):

  • Watershed Maps:
    Watershed maps automatically calculate and display drainage basins and streams from your grid file.
  • Measure Distances and Areas:
    The new measure tool displays length and area data as you draw a line or area.
  • Include Feature (object) Attributes:
    Surfer 11 supports attributes for all objects. You can now label features with attributes, edit the attribute data, or export the features with the attributes to a new file. Attributes include: Primary ID; Secondary ID; user defined IDs and data.
    Attributes have been available in MapViewer since it was launched and have, at last, been implemented in Surfer!
  • Text Editor:
    A text editor has been added which allows easy formating of text including sub- and super- script and inserting equations.
  • Automatic profiles:
    Automatic profiles (sections) are defined by multi-segment lines on a contour map. The Profile/Section display updates immediately as the line is re-shaped.
  • Measure distances and areas:
    Using the Measurement tool segment length, total length, perimeter length and enclosed area are displayed as you draw polylines and polygons.
  • Grid only within your data limits
    You can now automatically "blank" areas outside the perimeter defined by your data points.
  • Grid node editor enhancements:
    Z values are now displayed on zoomed-in grids and the selected gride node location is simultaneously shown on the map.
  • Increased resolution for Surface Maps:
    Surfer 11 takes advantage of the power of current video cards. The surface map resolution has been increased by 4 from 1024 to 4096 pixels. See the clarity in your detailed surface maps, or with high resolution imagery draped on the surface.
  • Improved Layer organisation:
    Surfer 11 appends the unique source file name to each layer saving you the task of renaming them in order to identify them. (You can stil change them if you wish).
  • New file format support:
    Import formats: Data from LiDAR LAS format; Grids from E00, GRIB, zipped STDS, TAR and TAR.GZ formats; GPX as base maps.
    Export formats: Data to XLSX; Grids to CPS-3 or ZMAP; Export to GeoPDF; PDF export supports partial transparency and page sizing.
  • New Coordinate systems:
    Including: Irish National Grid; Italy Mainland; Sardinia; Sicily; Switzerland.
  • .... and many more improvements and additions!

Surfer information is available here: SURFER 11

For current new and upgrade license pricing please contact GeoMEM.

DHS products removed

Posted on Monday, 25th June 2012

Downhole Surveys has announced that they are re-focusing onto their core areas of business and this has resulted in the closure of their winches and products division (effective from end of June 2012).

In view of this, and effective from today, all Downhole Surveys equipment has been removed from our product lists. Unfortunately, this means we no longer offer the Downhole Surveys Winches or Data Encoders to the UK and Ireland markets.

At this time we have no replacement systems to offer, and we are unlikely to have these in the near future.

Surfer sales boost

Posted on Tuesday, 13th March 2012

After a quieter period at the end of 2011 sales of Golden Software's Surfer application have increased well over the past two months with sales of both new and upgrade versions to Geological Surveys, geotechnical companies and individual consultants in a number of sectors (including mining, quarrying, fisheries, research and education).

This week twenty one teaching licenses have been delivered to an education Institute in Ireland for their spring term coursework. This re-inforces the importance of Surfer as an industry standard application which is worth learning in conjunction with the course subject at College and University level. When students take up employment in industry it is likely they will come across Surfer for use in their work!

Find out more about this excellent contouring, 3D surface plotting and mapping application here: Surfer 10 information page.

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