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Posted on Thursday, 27th March 2014

NEW PRODUCT: Geo-reka from HvM(International Services) Ltd.

We are pleased to have an excellent new addition to our range of geo-science software: Geo-reka from HvM (International Services) Ltd., based in Lancashire, England, UK.

Geo-reka is a visualisation tool for geological data, producing 3D diagrams from point, polyline, gridded, GIS and Drillhole data. To make operation really straightforward there is a Workflow Builder add-on that links processes for working with your data sets.

In addition to all the usual data formats Geo-reka imports data from Rockmate systems and from Steve Henleys VMine applications. HvM(International Services) works closely with these companies to ensure data compatibility.

Geo-reka also imports Surfer .grd grid files to use as Wireframe/surface components of its visualisation.

At GeoMEM, we are impressed by the power and ease of use of this system at a relatively low cost (Geo-reka Viewer plus Workflow Builder are less than £800). But don't just take our word on this - request your free 30 day trial from our Demo Request page - or email or phone (01382 329011) us directly.

Full product information on our Geo-reka page

Rockware's RockWorks now updated to version 16

RockWorks16 has been released recently and this update is accompanied by a change (simplification) in the licence types offered. This also makes it easier to buy at the level you need and then upgrade a level (or two) if needed.

The new levels and their component applications are:

  • Level 1: EarthApps (work with Google Earth); RockPlot2D; RockPlot3D; ReportWorks. THIS LEVEL IS FREE.
  • Level 2: Level 1 apps plus Utilities (equivalent to the previous Rockware Utilities).
  • Level 3: Level 2 apps plus Logs and Sections.
  • Level 4: Level 3 apps plus Borehole Based Modelling (equivalent to the previous FULL RockWorks).
  • Level 5: Level 4 apps plus Batch Capability (RCL), SQL-based database and RockWare GIS Link.

Upgrade paths are available from previous versions and licences of RockWorks. The price depends on the specific upgrade required - please ask for a quotation.

Further information available on our Rockworks page.

You can request the Trialware version from our Demo Request page.

Golden Softwares Surfer 12

The latest version of this widely used and ever popular gridding, contouring and 3D surface/terrain modelling software was released in mid-January (2014). Its new features include:

Reverse X or Y Axis Direction Change Contour Label Font/Format in Property Manager
Use Data in Date/Time Format Edit Boundaries
Logarithmic Z Scale Add Buffer Around Convex Hull when Gridding
Download Online Maps Export Contours and Save Z value
Save SRF files in Surfer 11 Format
(= Backward compatibility)
Increased Resolution for Image Maps
Export Map and Drawn Objects in One Step Create and Load Larger Grids
Post-Map Enhancements More Paper Sizes
Change the Units of Measurement Additional (new) Import/Export Formats
New Line Styles New Coordinate Systems, Datums and Ellipsoid
Change the Watershed Basin Line Properties  


This upgrade has seen a price increase from Golden Software and this is reflected in our pricing. *** However, we still keep our prices at approximately the same level, or lower than, buying direct ***

As usual, you can upgrade from any previous version of Surfer to Surfer 12 at a single price.

Further information available on our Surfer page

You can request a demo copy from our Demo Request page.

Christmas / New Year Offers

Posted on Friday, 20th December 2013

Christmas / New Year offers.

We have special offers on a few "end of year" stock items:

  • Surfer 11: Special price of £380.00 ** - A saving of £80.00.
  • Grapher 10: Special price of £278.00 ** - A saving of £50.00.

** price excludes P & P of £6.00 and VAT

These offers are only available for pre-paid orders made on or before FRIDAY 10th January 2014 and while stocks last.

Please contact us by email at GeoMEM sales at anytime or phone 01382 329011 from 6th January 2014 onwards.


Strater version 4 released

Posted on Friday, 19th April 2013

GeoMEM are pleased to announce the release of version 4 of Golden Softwares Strater - the low cost, versatile, borehole logging software.

Strater 4 is a powerful and innovative well log, borehole and cross section plotting software package for geoscientists. With its modern and easy-to-use user interface, Strater 4 is so straightforward even a beginner can create high-quality professional representations of subsurface data in no time.

Strater 4 is compatible with all popular data formats, and can graphically display the data in fourteen fully customizable log types.
Maps and cross sections are just a click away. All aspects of your design are easily changeable by simply clicking on it and updating its properties. Batch print or export all your hole data, and save your project file to a template to make log creation efficient and consistent for future projects.

Version 4: A host of new features:

Strater 4 takes well log, borehole and cross section plotting to a new level in ease of use. Strater users will experience major improvements in every aspect of functionality to increase log production speed and quality. The major additions and changes are highlighted in this section:

  • Display deviated boreholes as inclined logs
  • Show deviation paths of wells in the map view
  • Set and change coordinate systems
  • Create cross sections from line logs
  • Create cross section layers manually
  • Export data to Voxler using new commands
  • Show the header and footer on specified pages
  • Draw unconformity lines
  • Add a horizontal scale bar to a cross section
  • Easier to use templates
  • Quick unit conversion
  • Set the Spacing of Multiple Objects
  • Set the Spacing Between Objects
  • Wrap Linked Text to Multiple Lines
  • Replicate Your Borehole View
  • Specify Inclination or Dip for Hole Angle
  • Additional Usability Enhancements

You can see a full list, and examples, of these on Goldens Website here: >New features in Strater 4

Demo version

A demo version of Strater 4 is available, upon request, from this page.


The price for both FULL and UPGRADE versions remains the same as for version 3.

DeviShot launched

Posted on Wednesday, 20th March 2013

DEVICO DeviShot borehole survey instrument launched.

GeoMEM is excited to announce the arrival of the new borehole survey instrument from Devico.

DeviShot, is the latest innovative borehole survey tool from Devico and was officially launched at the PDAC in Toronto, Canada at the beginning of March.

This magnetic tool represents a major evolution in ease-of-use borehole surveying and has the following features.

  • Integrated Running Gear:
    System is encased in 35mm OD brass running gear. No need to insert/remove tool from running gear in the field.
  • High Speed Bluetooth® Wireless Communication:
    High speed wireless communication "through the casing" means you don't need to open the instrument to attach cables nor do you need the instrument in line of sight that InfraRed systems need.
  • Brilliant Blue LED:
    Instrument communication status is shown by a bright Blue LED contained in the casing. So you can see at a glance that the system is working.
  • Power saving features:
    Power saving is a priority, with major power draining systems such as the wireless system switched off when not needed (other instrument systems keep the wireless system on continuously to check for a device - wasting battery and processing power).
  • Simple wireless switch on:
    The wireless system is switched on when needed using a fast and simple method. No mechanical switch nor case opening is required.
  • Latest version of Devisoft.Mobile:
    The field control software (DeviSoft.Mobile) has been improved considerably over previous versions and is now simpler, quicker and more versatile to use with increased reliability and "disaster" recovery.
  • Profit Advantage Warranty
    The Devico Profit Advantage Warranty applies to DeviShot as for all other Devico Instruments. With it's upper limit repair cost for two years you get peace of mind when surveying!

Full information on the DeviShot is here: DeviShot product information page.

Pangaea Scientific products are back!

Posted on Thursday, 25th October 2012

Pangaea Scientific products are re-introduced.

We are delighted to have added the excellent and great value Pangaea Scientific software products back into our range.

At present these consist of:

  • SpheriStat - For Stereonets, Rose diagrams and maps using axial or polar data.
  • MyFault - For fault slip analysis, fault geometry and calculation of stresses causing the fault.
  • Orion ** - To measure attitudes of geological strata and other structures using satellite imagery.

The description pages are currently being updated - please bear with us!


GeoMEM had previously supplied these but had to abandon them a few years ago as the costs of shipping physical packs grew to about 25% of the overall cost making them uneconomic for us to supply in the UK and Europe.

The change of supply medium to electronic download has removed this barrier and we can once again offer this excellent range of relatively low cost software to our customers.

The software may be downloaded as a trial version and then converted to a full paid version after ordering from GeoMEM.
Please go to our Demo Downloads page to request your trial copy.

** Orion is presently being used by Dr. Paula MacKinnon and Dr. Frank Fueten (both of Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario) and Dr. Bob Stesky (Pangaea Scientific) to estimate the attitude of strata visible in the gigantic Valles Marineris chasm on Mars. Working with scientists associated with the European Mars Express mission's High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) project, they are analyzing high resolution imagery and digital terrain models of the Martian surface.
They have already published three papers, will shortly submit a fourth for publication and will present the latest results at the 40th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas.

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