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Product Catalogue

Applecore from Dr. Mike Ranger

Advanced borehole logging package for Windows (and the Mac)

CPT-pro from GeoSoft Sp. z o.o.

Analysis, interpretation and presentation of CPT soundings.

Delivery from GeoMEM Ltd.

Delivery options

Devico PeeWee from Devico

Miniature electronic multishot borehole survey instrument.

DeviCore DC from Devico

Devico core orientation unit

DeviDip from Devico

Electronic multishot borehole survey instrument

DeviFlex from Devico

THE non-magnetic multishot borehole survey instrument.

DeviShot from Devico

Latest generation Multishot Survey Instrument from Devico

DeviSight from Devico

GPS based direction and alignment instrument

DeviSoft.Mobile from Devico

PDA software for controlling all Devico Instruments

DeviTool Combo from Devico

Electronic multishot borehole survey instrument.

Didger from Golden Software, Inc.

Advanced and versatile digitizing and geospatial utility

Domain Names For Sale from GeoMEM Ltd.

GeoMEM has a number of Domain Names for sale.

Geo-reka from HvM (International Services) Ltd.

A high-quality, low cost interactive 3D and sectional viewer for geological data

Grapher from Golden Software, Inc.

2D Graphing and Data Analysis Application

GSLOPE from Mitre Software Corp

GSLOPE - Limit Equilibrium Slope Stability Analysis for slopes with and without reinforcement

GTILT & GTILT PLUS from Mitre Software Corp

Inclinometer Data Reduction and Presentation

LogPlot from Rockware

A versatile borehole (drillhole) log plotting application in use in industry since 1983.

Mapping Skills from GeoMEM Ltd.

Mapping Skills using MapViewer

MapViewer from Golden Software, Inc.

A Powerful and Versatile Low-Cost Mapping and Spatial Analysis application

Remote Training & Support from GeoMEM Ltd.

Remote Training and Support services - immediate and efficient

Rockware GIS Link from Rockware

Utilise the power of RockWorks in your ArcGIS 9 or 10 software

Rockworks from Rockware

Geological, geo-environmental and borehole data management system

RockWorks Utilities from Rockware

An indispensible collection of geological mapping, modeling, analysis and display tools.

Software design and development service from GeoMEM Ltd.

GeoMEM offers a bespoke software development service based on 30 years of industry experience.

Strater from Golden Software, Inc.

Golden Softwares' powerful, innovative and low cost well log and borehole plotting program for Geoscientists

Surfer from Golden Software, Inc.

The LATEST release of this very powerful contouring and 3D surface mapping application.

Surfer Advanced Course from GeoMEM Ltd.

1 day advanced course on Surfer.

Surfer Introductory Course from GeoMEM Ltd.

1 day introduction to using the Surfer application

Training Courses from GeoMEM Ltd.

Training courses available from GeoMEM

Voxler from Golden Software, Inc.

Powerful 3D Visualisation tool

WinProf from TLC Software

Software to facilitate the design and control of bench blasts by generating face profile details