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GeoMEM is an independent developer and supplier of geological, mapping and data analysis software and supplier of Devico borehole survey instruments to exploration, mining, quarrying, construction and research professionals in the UK and Ireland. With over 35 years of research and industrial experience you are assured of knowledgeable and expert service from professional staff.



AppleCORE for Windows

After several years of development by Dr. Mike Ranger and his team, AppleCORE for Windows has been launched.
AppleCORE for Windows is operationally equivalent to the widely-used and well respected AppleCORE for Mac.
Demo available here.

DeviCoreBBT - Dual Core Orientation

Dual core orientation system from Devico

The efficient way to obtain rock core and orientation data
#### DeviCoreBBT ####
No delays to core runs whilst drilling = cost effective drilling.